Johnson….(Dwayne The Rock, not Boris)

De Vito…..


We don’t need to search far to find examples of follically challenged gents.

Not just any old bald gents either. Let’s be honest, these chaps get their fair share of attention from both girls and guys right?

They’re the sort of names you’d find if you search “good looking bald guys”.

In fact I did a little test and simply Googled “Bald guys”

The top 3 results that came up were…

Driving abroad

More specifically driving abroad in a country where they drive on the left.

Bit weird the first time you do it eh? Especially in a manual car.

The first time I did it every time I went to change gear I’d end up winding the window down.

But it’s one of those things. You quickly get used to it and bar going the wrong way round a few roundabouts, I’m normally pretty good.

Well, that was until Sicily 2017. Let me tell you about it.

See there I was with my at the time girlfriend, about to get a bit historical and spend the day looking at Roman ruins and all that. Who doesn’t love a bit or Spartan history?

“Right, need to park somewhere….

…..that’ll do it, over there on the other side of the road, perfect…..

…I’ll just do a quick U-turn……”

Now at this point and I have no idea why, I seemed to have forgotten that I was on the outside of the road. That meant cars were coming up on my INSIDE.