"Bald man gets haircut" - A tale about FEAR.

I’ve just changed my hairstyle


Yep, as I write this my hair is most differently different


“Weird thing for a slap head to say” you may be thinking and you’d be bang right my mate


How the fuck can a guy with no hair CHANGE his hair style

These beauts have been to places no one should ever go…

These beauts have been to places no one should ever go…


Well let me enlighten you


See ever since I stepped into the quite frankly AWESOME world of baldness, I’ve used clippers on the balding bits I’ve got left (in fact they go EVERYWHERE but we wont talk about that now….)


Number 1 all over and that’s that. Job done.


Have I thought about using a razor? Yes I have as it happens but it ALSO happens to be that I can be incredibly impatient


I don’t even bother razoring my face (that’s actually a stop on the clipper route) so if you think I’m up for the intricacies of razoring my scalp that I can’t even see, you’re very much mistaken


Maybe one day I’ll head that way but right now I’m happy with my Phillips cordless vibro head….and my clippers wahey!


However……this morning I thought of something I’ve never even considered before


“hold on a micropigmenting minute, why don’t I just use ‘em without the guard?”


I’ve never thought of this before ok. I always thought you HAVE to have the guard on to, I don’t know, protect that little scalp


So I just did it


And at time of writing I’m actually very pleased with my new trim. If you’ve ever caught a dogfish, my scalp now feels like the skin of one. Sort of like a cats tongue. Like the finest grade of sandpaper you can buy in B&Q


Here’s the interesting thing


5 years ago I would have shit my pants doing something like this


Yes I know I’m already bald


Yes I know it was never going to be some shock transformation


But I would have ummmed and ahhhhd about it for ages, telling myself stories, questioning every bloody eventuality that “might” happen


what if I look stupid?”


“what if I scar my face?”


“what if I slip and shave a big uneven line down the back of my head?”


Read those questions again dude and you’ll notice something

Nothing struck FEAR into Phil (the author) like the thought of having hair

Nothing struck FEAR into Phil (the author) like the thought of having hair


They’re all focussed around FEAR


In fact think about a recent situation, or maybe a decision you’re struggling to make right now


I can GUARANTEE that decision, whatever it’s about, is hard for you to make because of the fear. The “what if?”

It may not seem like it but decision making all boils down to fear on some level


Choosing between two cars? You’re fearful the other one might be better.


Choosing a holiday? You’re fearful the rooms might have ‘roaches everywhere.


Choosing to change job? You’re fearful it wont all work out.


Every tough decision is tough for this reason and shaving your head is certainly no exception to that rule


But this time was different


I had ZERO fear, ZERO worries and ZERO “what if…” thoughts


Which meant I just cracked on and did it……leaving me with the same thoughts I had when I first shaved my head back in the old day – “I wish I’d done this sooner”


So what about you my mate?


Let me ask you this question:












I’ll answer that one for you pal……




That’s right hotlips, your life would be BETTER if you stopped letting fear get in your way.


It’s no different for me. I can think of countless times I let fear get in the way.


Now I’m not suggesting for one second that you can, or should even try to eliminate the entire emotion. Fear, like the feeling of anxiety, is a NECESSARY human response that actually protects us in certain situations


Situations like being followed by a mugger……climbing without ropes……driving through the woods in the dark when your headlights have blown (not sure why that would ever happen but it might)


Fear helps keep us alert and primes with energy ready to “fight or fly” (you’ve heard of that right?) This is rational.


But IRRATIONAL fear, excessive worrying about what you’ll look like with a shaved head, or about an interview, or before you go on a date with the hottest human you’ve ever seen will cause you problems


In fact in the worst of cases, it’ll cause those events NOT TO HAPPEN


Phil sensed the illustrator wasn’t happy with the pay cut

Phil sensed the illustrator wasn’t happy with the pay cut

You’ll feel the fear, be too shit scared to step into it, stay where it’s cosy and consequently never get anything done, move forward or progress in life


So I’ll go back to that question I asked earlier:




If you weren’t scared about what other people thought of you, would you care so much about going bald?


How many people would you have asked out? Maybe you wouldn’t be single right now?


Granted it’s not easy to simply CHANGE your way of thinking. That involves re-wiring your brain. But it can most definitely be done with some simple tasks performed consistently.


Tasks that I teach all the guy passing through my signature transformation programme “Project Upgrade” (drop me a message if you’re interested)


Too much to describe in a blog post but I’ll give you this for free…..daily exercise is a MUST.


If you want to take control of your mind, you HAVE TO HAVE CONTROL OF YOUR BODY


I’ve written a book all about this. It explains the EXACT STEPS you need to follow to regain control of your body.


In fact I’d go so far as to say that if you follow the steps I talk about? I GUARANTEE you’ll notice a difference to your self confidence.


It’s pretty simple to get your own copy too…..just tell me where to send it by putting your email address in that orange box below and it’ll be in your inbox (or junk) faster than you can say “billy bald head”.


Just don’t blame me when you’ve got a load of free time because you’re spending less time worrying about what you look like.


Phil “the fear” Hyland

Ps .I’d love to hear about your experiences dude. Has the fear stopped you shaving your head? Maybe it didn’t and you nailed it first time?

Drop me a comment below and tell me your story. Never know, might even help other lads in the same boat….