Johnson….(Dwayne The Rock, not Boris)

De Vito…..


We don’t need to search far to find examples of follically challenged gents.

Not just any old bald gents either. Let’s be honest, these chaps get their fair share of attention from both girls and guys right?

They’re the sort of names you’d find if you search “good looking bald guys”.

In fact I did a little test and simply Googled “Bald guys”

The top 3 results that came up were:

“18 Reasons Why Dating a Bald Man Is The Smartest Decision You’ll Ever Make”

“20 Hot Bald Guys”

“Study Finds Bald Guys Are Smart, Dominant and Just Plain Sexy”

(As a bald ambassador I’m pleased to tell you that last sentence is 100% true….)

Site after site, study after study, post after post exclaiming how bald guys are GOOD.

(Google it for yourself…..)

(Google it for yourself…..)

Yet search “male baldness” and it’s an altogether story.

Quite literally EVERY result is geared towards hair REPLACEMENT.

Whack that search into YouTube and holy toupee, it’s even worse. Skipping past the paid ads, check out some of these view counts:

Spray On Hair Products - 6.3 million views

Using Onion Juice For Hair Growth5.4 million views

Mens Hair loss Treatment5.4 million views

Grow Long 100% Natural Hair, Baldness CURE!! – 4.5 million views

To put that into context, this is the same amount of views as “Meglodon Sighting”, “Tupac Shot” and “UFO’s Over London”.

Or in other words, SH*T LOADS.

So on one hand bald is sexy, it’s MASCULINE, it’s the sign of a REAL MAN AARRGGHHHHH ME BALD YOU JANE .

But on the other, we’ve got guys everywhere searching for replacement treatments, forking out for transplants and rubbing onion juice over their bonce.

It’s a real chin stroker.

Now I can pretty much GUARANTEE that if you’re reading this and suffer scarce hair, you’ll at some point have contributed to the view count of those YouTube vids. Especially if you’re anything like me.

I was 19 when I mine started to go and boy did I hammer some forums.

In the end it all seemed like too much work so thought the best option was to simply hide under a cap and hope that one day my hairs would give up on their mass exodus and stay put…..a day that never came.

and holy crap, it’s no wonder I didn’t want to give in to the clippers. Each time, in some weird Franenstein-esque scenario I’d end up with a pics of me end up resembling the love child from some bizarre baldy menage a trois between Shrek, Dan Akroyd in Cone Heads, and a naked mole rat. Horrific.

Think I’ll get back under my cap thanks very much.

(*WARNING* do not attempt to find out what you’d look like bald. You can’t “un-see” things)

(*WARNING* do not attempt to find out what you’d look like bald. You can’t “un-see” things)

So yeah, if you’re in that “research” boat right now, I get it.

I get that you probably want to hang on to your locks and if someone gave you a magic potion that allowed that to happen? You’d bite their hand off.


Because you CARE.

You care about what you look like. We all do. It’s human nature.

You wear nice shoes to work because trainers are considered not professional (or in the slightest bit cool) with a suit.

You iron your clothes because generally speaking, when someone takes pride in their appearance, they will take pride in their work.

You eat with cutlery rather than scooping pasta into your face with your hands because as a society, we believe pasta should be eaten in this way.

I’m sure you’ll agree, these notions or common “beliefs” are all pretty widely accepted and true.

In fact if you don’t believe me, test it out. Next time you’re at a client meeting, wear trainers, don’t iron your shirt and eat with your fingers. Just make sure you let me know how it goes….

My point is this,


Evidence can be gathered up pretty easily right?

Now let’s do some evidence gathering of ourselves. How about we look at some beliefs you might be holding and the proof to back ‘em up.

I’ll use some personal examples because lets face it, us blokes are all pretty similar.

(This works for ANY belief or little fable you’re telling yourself

(This works for ANY belief or little fable you’re telling yourself

Our confidence drops because we believe these stories to be true.

Then again, maybe you do have proof?

Maybe you have scientific evidence that bald fellas never get their willy wet.

But I doubt it.

At this point you might understand what I mean but saying to yourself “hmm, yeh kinda, I see where you’re going mate but this doesn’t really change the way I feel about my thinning scalp”

To be honest? If someone told this sort of stuff to me, I’d be exactly the same.

But hey, we’re talking about questioning beliefs you’ve probably held onto for a while.

Beliefs locked away in your brain that we need to re-wire.

CHANGING YOUR BRAIN dude! Your BRAIN!!! That grey ball that controls EVERYTHING about you. That thing that causes dreams, makes you horny, tells your eyes that a Porsche is a Porsche and not a five headed giraffe. That thing that no one, even though they pretend to, really knows exactly how it works.

You think reading a little table in a blog is gonna re-wire that shit?! Hell no.

But here’s the good news.

Like most parts of our body (though sadly not one very important organ….) it can be trained and improved.


Aside from advice of “do some more Sudoku”, this habit of thought questioning is a VERY VALUABLE TOOL.

Especially if you’re the sort of guy who tells himself these balding related lies, I mean stories on a regular basis.

And the really cool thing?

If you can nail this, not only will you start to believe that having no hair, REALLY IS NO BIGGIE, but you’ll have a totally transferrable skill.


(sounds a bit “guru-y” that doesn’t it, but you get my point)

So here’s a bit of homework for you.

Something I learnt from my coach a long time ago.

Grab a pen, some paper and answer these 5 simple questions:

  1. What’s the story you’re telling yourself? E.g “no one will ever fancy me with no hair”

  2. Can you guarantee it to be true?

  3. How do you feel when you believe that thought? What does it do to you?

  4. Turn it around and write the EXACT OPPOSITE E.g “Everyone will fancy me with no hair”

  5. If that turn around were to be 100% true, how would you feel? What sort of person do you become with this thought?

Go in balls deep with these questions dude. Particularly with #5.

Shut your eyes if necessary and for a second, really believe that new thought. See how it feels and how you might behave if it were completely true. Really try to feel what it would feel like.

Now don’t expect to feel different straight away. This isn’t some sort of “look into my eyes” hypnosis mumbo jumbo and yes, I completely know it’s one of those things that us fellas would dismiss at the drop of our pants.


Not only that, but when you combine an upgraded belief system, with daily exercise, new GOOD habits, and a transformed, energised body?

You’ll become a turbo charged, confident machine, where the last thing on your mind is what’s happening on top of your cranium.

Your appearance is only a problem because of how you perceive other people see you.

You can change your appearance to “fit in”, or you can stay as you are and instead change your head.

My advice?

Choose the latter.

Question your stories, develop your confidence and become a stronger, more confident and energised man for it.

Phil “the questions” Hyland

Ps. Like I said, transforming your mind begins with transforming your body.

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