THE TIME I USED TO “SPIN” (and I don’t mean on a bike)…

I was always a bit of a twitchy little runt when I was younger.

I had these ridiculously weird, “isms” I ‘spose you’d call them a nervous tic.

Just before I started primary school I had this thing that was properly odd.

For some bizarre reason, I’d feel the need to every so often spin round in a circle. What?!

I’d be walking along with Mum, casually strolling (does a 4 year old stroll?) down the High Street and all of a sudden I’d bust out a quick twirl.

I mean, that is an odd thing for a little chap to do right? Especially for one who was a KING….


I remember it well.

A family holiday to Crete at the tender age of 18.

You know those holidays when your folks pay for everything and you and your siblings sneak off down the hotel discotheque every evening for a night of “euro-trance”, cheap shots and ultimately end up puking over the girls feet you just pulled.

Yep, one of those.

That week my Dad and I went on a scuba diving taster session which was pretty bloody cool, but left me somewhat scarred…..and sadly not by a shark bite.

Scarred in fact by a photo…